What does learning in autonomy mean ?

What does learning in autonomy mean?

This means that we study 2 things:

We learn french in order to follow a course in french in the end of the first year.

We learn to learn to have the ability to continue to learn french for personnal needs after preparatory  classes. This doesn't mean learning alone,it means to be conscious and active in his apprenticeship.

The first step to the autonomy is to accept the responsability that I have in my apprenticeship as a student. The teacher doesn's always decide anymore what should I learn,with what and when,but I must accept the idea to share this responsability with a teacher. That is why,with the help of teachers,I have to

- participate in the planning of the work,

- think the way I learn,

- engage myself to work alone on a specific goal,

- try to evaluate myself because I am the only one who knows if I master well or not a specific point.
The thing is to understand that we have many occasions in our everyday life to learn and we don't realize it. We don't only learn in a class roo, with a teacher explaining a notion and a student who takes notes. There are some ways to apprentice without a teacher(TV,newspapers,films...) and there are some other ways except waıtıng the teacher to speak or gıve us exercıses. By usıng varıous locatıons,we find other apprentice ways.

Finally, the thing is to create occasions,use,test language: on the campus of GSU, there are some francophone people (teachers,Erasmus students). In Istambul we can easily find a place where french is spoken (French Institut of Istambul,Sultanahmet...).